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Name: Trannyn Covenant
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Home Planet: Corusant
Age: 33
Profession:Jedi Master
Apperance: Dark brown hair, blue eyes, Dark black pants and shirt, Brown Jedi robes
Bio: Born on Corusant, Trannyn started his training with Obi-wan Kneobi and ended it with Yoda a little while before Luke was told about Yoda. After becoming a Jedi Master he met a man named Jecht Mandel and made him his apprentice after some time.

Name: Jecht Mandel
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Home Planet: Sulon
Age: 19
Profession: Jedi Padawan
Apperance: Dark brown hair, Brownish white pants and long sleeve shirt, Dark brown gloves
Bio: Born on Sulon and good friends with Kyle Katarn. When the Imperial Army attack Sulon Jecht fought with Morgan Katarn. He lived but lost his home,family,and friends. He joined the Rebel Alliance and met a Jedi Master named Trannyn Cavenant who began his training in the Jedi Arts.
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