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Search, Sigs, avatars. Read before posting.

As you know, searching and signatures are disabled. Avatars are periodically.

So everybody asks, "Why?"...usually with more 'colorful metaphors.'

Here's a somewhat technical explanation:

This forum is run with PHP and MySQL. When you call a page up, apache finds the appropriate file and decides what to do with it. It sees that the file's extension is '.php' and sends it to the php interpreter. It changes the code into html. The php script will include database queries(mysql). So the path to the page goes: apache -> php -> mysql.

Apache is a great piece of sotware. PHP is fast, too. MySQL is fast, but not very scalable.

The search table is over 200 megabytes. There are a total(all in the file) of 33 queries in the search php. Any idea how long it takes to scan through 200 megs?

Sigs don't take up nearly as much space, but they are extra queries involved. 1 for each post(at least).

Avatars have a single call to the database(mysql), but again, that's 1 for each post. It's a toss up between this and sigs, but avatars seem more popular.

A non-technical explanation:
Deal with it...our server can't.

So don't post anymore 'Why is the search disabled!?!!?1' threads. You no longer have an have been answered.

Update: Slow load times & ads
Recently people have been complaining about 2 new and load times. Here's the deal: this network is a hobby...the owners pay for it out of pocket. All the network sites(except for and LucasForums) are on one server. The 2 exceptions each have a dedicated server. They are running at full capacity. If you think we should have more servers, than we need to have more ads(read: much more).

Update 2: The Files section
Yes, we know that they don't work. If you have a high-speed connection that can handle some MASSIVE bandwidth usage, feel free to contact us. Until you do, stop complaining...there isn't any other way to say it. Rest assured that the files WILL be back online in the foreseeable future.

When you login from the mainpage, your username(Guest) will NOT update to reflect your actual username. The script DOES recognize you, however.

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