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Sid Borr-Rune-Tokk
equipment developer
The Borr-Rune-Tokk family has been in the weapons crafting business for generations. As the 23rd generation Borr-Rune-Tokk, Sid has the benifit of several centuries of combined family experience that has been passed onto him. At age 24 he has already honed his skills to near perfection, making him one of the top ten weapon producers in the galaxy. Relatively unknown, Sid owns his own shop on his home planet of Naboo, and remains one his shop remains one of the galaxy's best kept secrets. Only those in need of top of the line equipment even bother to make the trip to have a custom item made. Many other producers have tried to replicate the designs of this young prodigy, but to no avail. Those that see the Borr-Rune-Tokk insignia on their weapons should be aware that they have in their possession some of the finist weaponry in the galaxy.

i dont stick to star wars religiously so if i made a mistake lemme know. thats my plan...ill be looking for a zabrak apprentice too.

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