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Angry Darned !!@*&#^@ Glithches

I am getting rather annoyed with Indy at the moment.
I am experiencing so many bugs, glitches and other malfunctions - funny how they seem to come at the most crucial stages.
Last night I managed to get the Mirror (Temple Level), but it wouldn't go into my inventory. I couldn't access anything ("I" or "Esc" key). My Quicksave hangs the machine and the last time I saved a game I was still battling to get the Jaguar Idol.
Anyway I will load the patch today and hope for the best.
The other major problem I have is that everytime I use the Rifle or Machine gun it hangs/freezes the game.
I am getting used to real close combat, but my health sucks!!!
Do any of you have similar stories?
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