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Originally posted by Dominator
where are you guys putting the "server.cfg"
Cause mine is still not working.. and I don't know what is wrong.

Everything points to the right place. It says it can't find the mpdefault.cfg and the autoexec.cfg

when i add +exec server.cfg it isays it kind find that either

please help.
This may not apply to your problem but, it may help others. It is possible that all the files are in the proper location but are not named with the proper file extension. This can occur if your windows settings are set to hide known file types. The effect is this: you name a file server.cfg but it is actually named server.cfg.txt. Since you are hinding extensions of known file types you do not realize this has happened.

To check this out you will need to open up [Folder Options] from [Tools] menu in My Computer. Once in [Folder Options] select the [Views] tab and select to Display everything available and deselect all HIDE options.

I hope this helps at least one person.

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