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We would be the newest forum on LucasForums, and were here to say what our (Murray-Mint, Riffage, Pedgey) site is all about! Well, basically back in the old days there was only the one major clan for #Monkey-Island and that was the amazing MIQC (Monkey-Island Quake Clan). This was run by a small group of people who ran the whole clan. We thought we would take it a step further and make a clan for all the other games that didnt have clans, such as JK2, UT, RA2, CS, RTCW, Renegade, and TFC. Hopefully this will bring together all the gamers into one large community!

At present there isnt a site to show you, well there is one but its half finished so im not going to show you just yet! Should be ready in the next few weeks, but im not promising anything. Check back here for more news updates!

Also if you would like a game to be added to our Clan please post here and we will see what we can do. Remember it has to be an online multiplayer so we can all fight away!


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