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I tried to load the patch and it said "this version of Infernal Machine is up to date already", so no joy.
I am able to use my shotgun [now in Olmec Valley], but still not the rifle.
I was hoping it wasn't going to be a problem with my PC.
I recently bought a new pc for home - mainly for my wife to play The Sims and E.R., but I seem to spend the most time on Indy and his Infernal Machine. It is an Intel Celeron 900Mhz, 128MB RAM, running Windows XP.
I'll have to check the specs for the graphics card and the chipset.
The other solution I have is to save the game often {like after each bridge in Olmec Valley} at least then if it does hang I don't have to go back too far. I'm only on level 10 and I have over 100 saved games.
Thanks again for the advice nd, tonight I'm battling the HUGE snake in the pyramid - should be fun.
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