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Angry Give the Newbies a chance, for christ's sake!

First off, excuse the blasphemy in the subject title if such things offend you.

Secondly, I've been playing JO online since day one, so why do I not get bothered by new players when everyone else seems to wage a holy war against them.

I know, I know, what sort of inconsiderate git doesn't trawl the net for hours before playing to eek out any rules of etiquette that people might of made? How could someone dare buy a FPS, join a free-for-all (notice the ALL word?) and assume that they can actually try and kill any other other players they see?

Okay, I know the drill. I leave people if they have their saber off. I bow. I stay away from duellers. I even tollerate, sometimes see the funny side of, people standing on my head to form a people tower. But I don't get schizo at a new player who hasn't noticed all this sh*t going on.

I was playing the other day when two thirds of a 16 person game turned on a newbie. After five mintues of this I renamed myself NEWBIE CHAMPION and offered to take on the lot of them (suicide: I'm of average skill, if that). Gratingly, most of them assumed I was joking.

Anyway, those of you who think buying a game in the first two weeks is a prerequisite to playing it on-line, are a bunch of (consider the 'F' word to exist here) snobs.

And to whoever it was who got angry at me when I hacked them down because they 'almost had the f**king newbie', if you're such a decent player, why wouldn't you duel??

Err... went off on one a bit there. Sorry.
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