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Ok well next is your VP and WP, let's see you get 13 WP and 9 VP

ok now let's see about your defense

+3 Class Bonus, +1 Dex Bonus, and then your base of 10 gives you a 14 Defense...I think(correct me if I'm wrong, Wraith)

I'm still not sure on your saves, so Wraith you'll have to help him there.

and now for your Skills, let's see. Well I'll let you take care of it

Your Ability Modifiers are:
Str +1
Con +1
Int +3
Wis +2
Cha +1

Now in the skills list in What you need to know about Skills and Feats it gives the corresponding Ability. That ability's modifier is what you add to the skill points you put into that skill. Have fun!

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