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What Title?
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I'm gonna let you work that out but I will tell you your skills final values.

Climb +5
Hide +4
Jump +5
Listen +5
Spot +5
Survival +5
Treat Injury +6
Force Push +7
Force Grip +7
Move Object +7

Fort. Save: +3 (+1 Con. +2 Class)
Ref. Save: +1 (+1 Dex)
Will Save: +2 (+2 Wis)

I THINK that's correct (the save modifiers that is) o well Wraith plz confirm...

Ok Rep is 0
ok I'll take it that since it's not as strong as a Blaster Rifle that your Charric is considered a pistol, meaning your attack bonus with it is well uh +1 (?) and your saber is the same. (Melee is Base attack+Strength Mod+Size, Range is Base Attack+Dex Mod+Size)

What else? EEK! I just found out, Charrics ARE Rifles meaning you are -3 with them since you don't get WP Blaster Rifles

well it looks like that's it. Hope all this helps

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