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Well, its about time someone stuck up for us n00bs!!! Yes, I'm a n00b at JK2, I have had it for about a month now, but have just started doing multiplayer over this past week, and man oh MAN does it piss me off when I'm doing something important like going and dicking with my force powers mid-game in a ffa, I have my saber off, and that little pannel icon is over my head, letting ppl know I'm doing something, and what happens, some dick head comes and takes me down! And when I get into a big melee of like five or sisx people going at it, and I come in swinging like a mad man and score a few kills, I get yelled at for some damn reason! And I'm still learning all the ins and outs of getting combos and links to go off right, thanks to myself. And when I ask ppl what they think the best force combos are for what styles and what not, I'm ignored completely.

I think the main reason I am having a hard time at this game is because I'm more used to team-based multiplay games like Medal of Honor, or RTCW. Those games I kick ass in because I'm funcitioning as a part of a squad, working togther to take out a target. But when I try to do the CTF or CTY matches on JK2, its like a damned Team FFA with someone occasionally making a mad dash for the flag. Those matches have no strategy whatsoever, just use force speed and pray you get to the flag thats it.

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