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And when I get into a big melee of like five or sisx people going at it, and I come in swinging like a mad man and score a few kills, I get yelled at for some damn reason!
Heh, I dont know why that might be. People have a thing against getting killed by somebody who is clearly new to the game, offends their sense of "honor" or whatever. People get sorta stupid about this game, just ignore it.

Or you may have done the dreaded backslash/stab, purely on accident. But people are quick to whine about it, and will assume that anyone they see do it once is a spamming ghey loser, so you'll get yeled at. Just ignore them.

Typekilling is lame, revel in the fact that the person who killed you may get to the top of the scoreboard, but they probably belond a few places down.

CTF/CTY are still in their baby stages. At this point, people are still learning the game and are not familiar enough with it to be able to use a strategy. Occasionally I manage to scrape together some like minded players and we'll organize, but not often. I'm a UT CTF vet, so the teamwork aspect appeals to me as well.

Dough, what server do you usually play on? If you'd like for me to give you a little bit of training or answer any questions for you, let me know, I'd be glad to meet up with you and give you a hand.

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