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The saber fights IMHO sucked. I really hope that they were cut, and that they'll be in full force in the DVD or something, because after all that I heard about the saber fights and the like I was hoping for more.

I liked the movie, but it wasn't the best. Hayden did a decent job, I was a bit disappointed with Sam, he seemed like he couldn't care less about his role in a couple places.

The scene with the conveyor belts was made to be put into a video game as well by the way

Oh and
Jango died like a fricking $&@@($&. I hear all this great stuff from people that he and Sam are supposed to have a good fight, and all it is is Sam charges, blocks a few blaster shots, and then cuts his head off. I mean, the DROIDS did better against the jedi than him!

I'll reserve judgement until I can see it again, as I was distracted this time through and maybe I missed some god send stuff in it, but all in all, while enjoyable, I can't say it lived up to expectations, and they werent that high. 6.8-7/10 I say. It would've had more if the saber fights had looked better (
pre-yoda anyhow, though yoda looked a bit fake as well


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