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Re: Aiya

Originally posted by lionsault9
Aiya!!! Because darth sidiousin actual fact is palpatine. palpatine is the one who instigated nute gunray to attack naboo thus creating a crisis so that supreme chancellor valorum will be removed from power. sidious know that valorum has no power and that he is only a puppet of all the corrupt senators. with him as chancellor, he created yet another crisis in episode 2 so that the senate will ive him power to create a clone army. from there, once he is in charge of the army, he slowly reinforced power and founded the galactic empire. no one dares to stop him as he is powerful. didn't u hear darth sidious to dooku that everything is going as he has planned and forseened.
Yep, and I, being the evil, powerhungry bastage that I am, have the most profound respect for Palpatine. He could definately play the good guy role when needed to get his way only to have a well-planned ulterior motive beneath his niceity.

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