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I agree somewhat.

There definately is a lack of skill being employed by a lot of players but that is to be expected of any game.

The stances are fine. I use a lot of Red and employing the right timing is crucial. I dont see what's wrong with slower more powerfull moves. Every game needs some balance and if fast moves were just as powerfull than that's all anybody would use. That would get boring very fast. I can stand there in Red and let Blue attacks smack at me for awhile. Then I just step back and hack them down.

I would love to see stamina added or combined with the Force. Since part of a jedi's stamina and physical ability is in his control of the force it would make sense that all Special moves should drain the force also. Around 30-50% sounds right to me. That would prevent spammers from push/pulling and then using a special move over and over.
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