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here is my opinion
dont do an additional bar, but use the stamina in the Force bar!
( after all if u are exausted, u have not enough power to launch a lightning or the opposite, that's way using the force or his own body in combact it's just a physical/psychical action , both linked togheter )

_run should consume force
_rolls should consume force
_swinging should consume force only if blocked but parries not, ( only if u block a red stance ) couse the player who RISK to block enemy swings obetain ad advantage vs the player who only run away escaping ( so blocking could be a realistic strategy 1) find a way to hit the enemy from close range 2) decreasing enemy stamina in combact

Great idea bro!

just if raven will not accept to do that, please organize to make a MOD, it should not be too much difficult!
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