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Originally posted by Mark_Li
This doesnt **** up the books at all. The Maw Installation thing is perfectly Episode II, the Death Star is merely a set of plans for a Geonosian Battlestation. Its taken to Palpatine for "safekeeping" which obviously shows how he got the idea for the Death Star.
Yeah, I suppose you're right the Maw Installation can still be plausible, but it changes things. I mean Palpatine doesn't have Moffs yet, right? Yet a Moff (Tarkin) created that station and hired the scientists there. There's workarounds, sure. You could say that Tarkin wasn't yet an appointed Moff, he was just another trusted trump card Palpatine had hidden away at the time. But it's just the way the books presented it, the Empire was already established and all that junk when the Death Star plans were conceived. Clearly that's not the case anymore since the plans were finished and delivered right as Palpatine gained control of things.

Bleh. I just re-read your post and realized you meant what we saw could have been something completely different. Hmm...perhaps. Dunno though because I saw the superlaser on there that was what distinguished it for me and I said "holy crap! the death star!" Still, perhaps those plans were relayed from the Maw to Geonosia or something. I guess Maw Installation isn't completely as blown off as I originally thought, but to make it plausible now it seems that a few minor details will have to be amended or added on.

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