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Question How much does a reputation cost?

Figure I'll make my own post on this one.

I have $50 + saying JK2 better be patched.

I have another $50 + that can either go toward SOF 2 or another non-Raven or non-LucasArts game.

Raven/LucasArts will make my decision for me - patch the game or I buy games from other dev teams and publishers.

I don't care how much money it takes ..

How much does a reputation cost?

Is it up to Raven or LucasArts?

I don't care who is responsible at this point.

Raven is developing the game and LucasArts is publishing it - whether they pay or beg LucasArts to accept another patch is their problem, not mine.

I'm tired of who is to blame or what. Whether it be LucasArts or Raven.

If I don't see another JK2 patch that fixes the problems, I will not purchase another game from either of them again - it's that simple.

How do you feel?
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