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Thumbs up I <3 Light Stance

I've been playing on NF servers more lately(the ones that correctly have saber throw off) and I just thought I'd say Light Stance is my absolute favorite stance now. It's not random at all; I know all the swings, and I can do them as I please. My unrelentingly aggressive playstyle(which is really only possible in Light) throws people off consistently, since they're all used to jousting with medium and heavy and I absolutely won't let them play the distance game. Get up close, swing unrelentingly, dodge the swings I can't block; not only does it make duels exponentially more interesting, I own 90% of people who insist on jousting like in 1.02. I've found that the lunge is very useful if you use it in the middle of a chain of attacks; hold down crouch in mid-swing and hold forward, and you'll immediately do the lunge when the swing finishes without having to stop to crouch. Also, once in a while you can mix it up with an overheard heavy swing or DFA that often succeeds in catching them by surprise and cutting them in half.

I'm not sure what the point of this post was, I just felt like ranting. I find that NF duels are the most enjoyable servers since it minimizes whoring of any sort(backstab being the only one, and it's much less overpowered without Push/Pull, though it still does insane damage and people use it way too much) and forces people to actually saberfight rather than using one of the many other ways of killing people.
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