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* The WHOLE message contains spoilers from Star Wars Episode 2*

_I_ think the slow moving middle part of the movie makes it fail to compete with tESB. One action scene in the middle of it would had liven things up, but we didn't even get to see anakin strike down more than 3 tuskens, which dissapointed me... I wanted to see a war face, evil and all, striking down a lot of tuskens, showing of some true evil in anakin... but no...

The first 30 minutes are good, hunting the bounty hunter...

The middle 45mins... are good for 15 minutes, then you kinda feel... like you want something to happen...

The last part of the movie is great... but the battles are to effectfull to really make you feel scared... Maybe because I know what will happen to Anakin and Obi and Yoda (not everyone else, my force is strong so I've been able to stay away from reading ahead, I want some surprises)... But the only battle that makes you a bit worried is the last saber fight, and it is truly great.

And when those Jedis draw their sabers? Makes me kinda feel... I don't know... but I see it written in their faces:
"Look mama, I'm in star wars and I got my own saber"

Even the mighty samuel has some performance flaws...

But a big credit for making yoda fight... It looks great, although funny at first, but excellent job! (You can understand why hes great, can't be easy hitting him
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