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Good on ye, one of the first people i've that sounds like he knows what he's talking about when it comes to light style .
All of the stances are lethal when used properly, and light is no exception.
Sometimes this tactic won't work against someone who can use red or yellow properly. They can keep their distance well, and also, red strings now can kill you very easily, especially if you are consantly swinging and cannot block. It is true that it does completely throw people off, but I would recommend using the other styles a little more too. I use all stances pretty much at the same time, and whenever I change to blue I use the tactic that you've described
You're right about NF servers (with ST off as well) being the best atm, because people whore the pull/push backstab move. The only problem with NF set serverside, is that you now can't use jump, which means no kicking

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