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Originally posted by NewBJedi

Changed a LITTLE?

They nerfed all the decent dark forces and kick is totally screwed up ...

You must love the backstab, eh?
Now now, NewB... Don't start any accusations when you don't know if they are true or not.
The changes are not so much the problem, but it feels like a lot of the things they implemented in this patch were also rushed and thus they are bugged now. There was a demo avaliable displaying someone chopping through his opponent over and over again without doing more than the poking damage.
People wanted SP saber combat in MP, it doesn't work like that. The player has loads of health in comparison too the NPC's as far as I know. Usually one well placed hit takes down Reborn. Hell, I even killed Tavion with one hit once. It still took me a long time to land that hit, but when I did it had been worth it. Just like I said in a different thread (in respect to balancing) why did they increase the blocking AND reduce the damage. Just one of those would have been fine.
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