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Story time

But I know in single player...There is this level where you have a tower in the middle of the room, and the floor is like, "fully charged ", so you gotta jump from crate to crate, to get into the tower. Now since I was a dope, and didn't know I had to go out the window from above, I tried throwing my sabre everywhere. Now the floor was electrocuted, and my sabre kind of got inbetween a crate and myself, and it shut off and fell down. So I didn't have a sabre.

Thank God for the yellow glow, otherwise (on that floor) I would never find it again. As it turned out, the sabre rolled meters away after the fall (beats me how or why), but I was able to see it because of the glow. So I just jumped to the crate nearest to it, and force pulled my sabre

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