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Re: the "truth" about jk2!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted by TrUeFoRcE
after watching episode 2 i have to say that some patch isnt going to be enough to satisfy anyone, with all the whiners complaining every other post theres not enough time to please em all, ide hope to start a mod someday that changes jk2 dramatically, ive had previous posts explaining some details but the main thing that needs to be changed is saber battles and the general speed of the game, the reason why i beleive that the game is soo widely whored by n00bs isbecause its too slow and easy to learn, think about dark forces 2 it took me a good week or 2 to stop killing myself on walls with force speed and jump, i believe that a faster pace and ALOT better system of sabering for mp is needed, this way it brings back "skill" into the game, saber swings should be quick for the most part and pretty good looking, just look at the saber battles from ep1 and ep2, they are quite agile and quick in their attacks and i think that if a faster pace and more agility moves were added it would definately increase gameplay, alot of people like the slow pace but i think thats jsut because they like to get easy kills, with the conc riffle in df2 it was a little unbalanced but the gameplay was unparallel, basically what i hope to acomplish or hope to see acomplished is bringing back "fun" into the jedi series of games, because right now all people are trying to do is find the easiest way to get kills and not have fun (ass fighting, dfa...etc..) there are probably 2 people who complain for every 1 person that does this, so basically high paced action needs to be restored.....the saber system in df2 was pretty ghetto but u have to admit it was alot faster than it is in jk2 and i think its more fun, even though there were only 2 swings strong and weak it still has a better set up than jk2 i believe....there is usually 1 main attack that everyone seems to whore in jk2 because basically all the rest are weak or useless, all attacks should be the same strength and look pretty amazing when doing them.

i dont mean to criticize jk2 or the people who made it, but i have to say it definately needs work on the mp gameplay.

Originally posted by UniKorn
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