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How To Change That Annoying "Duel" Song!!

To people who have played Q3 for awhile might be able to help me. You see, i'm trying to change the music in the .pk3 file for Jedi Knight 2. Specifically, i'm trying to get rid of that annoying default "duel" song. Well anyway, what I did was make a new .pk3 file and in it was the folders "mp\music\duel.mp3" This should overwrite the one in the main assets0.pk3. Well it did...kinda. My song would only play in the main menu of the game (which is the same file that I am trying to change), but it would not play when I try to duel someone in the game. It would just play the default duel song. Can anyone help?

The actual song that I'm changing it to can be found here: Duel of The Fates
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