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It's great to see that some ppl share ones opinion somewhat!! You brought things up I never even thought of so far!

Originally posted by cjais
Your idea on stamina is good, but i think that with blocking costing stamina, you'd see player backtracking because it's better not to parry when you are swung at because it costs stamina.

Movement should be reduced though, and stamina helps here. Backtracking should be reduced SEVERELY; so many games gets this thing wrong. I think that someone found at that you move 46 km/h in halflife, whether backtracking or not.
Backtracking and strafing must be reduced in speed it is impossible to go in these directions the same speed as when runing forward! What I don't get is that in SP you are slower strafing and backtracking. All movements should cost stamina. Normal running around should not cost much though. Running speed being reduced when swinging IS allready part of the game. They only need to bring g_sabermovespeed over to Multiplayer thats it. Try it for yourselves in single player. Bring down the console type helpusobi 1 and after that g_sabermovespeed 0.5. Fight a reborn, shadow trooper, Tavion or Desann and you will see that you should only be this fast while swinging the saber.

"Special" moves should be changed or reduced.
I just saw a monstrous example of this: An idiot used the lunge ONLY in his duels... And i mean ONLY, this guy was spamming it like you've never seen it before... Raven, please make it so that you can't do that move over and over and over and over again. Add a timer or something similar, so you'll have to wait a bit till you can use it again.
Yup the idea of an delay to that is great.


I do understand those that would like more control in what they do, however. Hence i see these spamming morons more and more. Add more special moves("finishing moves"), but don't make them that "special". NO extra damage and NO extra chance of hitting, but just a larger repetoire of cool moves to choose from.
Ya put even more cool acrobatic moves into the game that is totally ok by me but take out this non-blockable crap. Extra damage is not needed. A light saber is always very lethal end of it.


And lastly, get rid of blue stance and red stance. Blue stance is just too fast, you can't properly CONTROL where you are aiming and neither can the defender block properly, when all he sees is your flashing saber swinging all over the place.
Red stance is way too slow, you cannot convince me that someone would VOLUNTARILY strike THAT slow, it's utterly pathetic and would never happen. A red user would get completely butchered in a somewhat realistic saber duel.
I agree with you that "heavy" stance is pathetic. It is reversed logic as well! But I don't agree with you regarding the light stance. The speed feels right when I think of the fight against Maul (Had not the time to go watch Ep2 yet shame on me ). I think the right way would be to work on it to make it controlable. My idea would be to let it work on a 2 swing basis. Every time you attack with blue 2 swings are made automatically. By that I think you could have a control over the blue stance as you have with yellow!

Originally posted by TexRoadkill
I agree somewhat.

The stances are fine. I use a lot of Red and employing the right timing is crucial. I dont see what's wrong with slower more powerfull moves. Every game needs some balance and if fast moves were just as powerfull than that's all anybody would use. That would get boring very fast. I can stand there in Red and let Blue attacks smack at me for awhile. Then I just step back and hack them down.
Sorry can't agree with you regarding heavy stance. It is senseless that a slow swing does more damage than a fast one where is obviously more power envolved and apart from that cjais is right a red stance user would be butchered in reality! I don't think it will be boring at all. It will be exciting I'm sure of that. Remember what I wrote when Stamina is 100% blocking is 100% as well. That way the kill will only become likely when Stamina is low. And when this is so there is no need for stances that do different damage anymore because the kill will always happen at the very end of the battle and very very seldom before that. I think this will make epic battles possible.

I would love to see stamina added or combined with the Force. Since part of a jedi's stamina and physical ability is in his control of the force it would make sense that all Special moves should drain the force also. Around 30-50% sounds right to me. That would prevent spammers from push/pulling and then using a special move over and over.
Special moves draining force control sounds right to me too but it shouldn't be that much force control because a Jedi is so associated with his saber he doesn't need much force when using it in any way.

Originally posted by AV4T4R

here is my opinion
dont do an additional bar, but use the stamina in the Force bar!
( after all if u are exausted, u have not enough power to launch a lightning or the opposite, that's way using the force or his own body in combact it's just a physical/psychical action , both linked togheter )

_run should consume force
_rolls should consume force
_swinging should consume force only if blocked but parries not, ( only if u block a red stance ) couse the player who RISK to block enemy swings obetain ad advantage vs the player who only run away escaping ( so blocking could be a realistic strategy 1) find a way to hit the enemy from close range 2) decreasing enemy stamina in combact
Now this is just a fantastic idea. You are to right of course. Stamina should have an effect on the force control. I personally refer to the blue bar as FCB = Force Control Bar. As we all know force is eternal and always there (expect there is one of those ysalamiri :P). So this bar only shows the ability of the Jedi to control the force. Back to your idea. I think stamina should be really added to the game though. That is because the force control shouldn't be effected from the start. It should have an effect lets say when stamina reaches 60 or 50%. At this point the max possible force control should drop. And when the Jedi is worn out he only has 1/4 of his max force control available til he found some time to relax. And what is more I think a third bar is handable. Run and Rolls and swinging should consume stamina and when reaching that specific point the stamina should have an effect on the force control droping it.


just if raven will not accept to do that, please organize to make a MOD, it should not be too much difficult!
I really would love to see such a Mod coming. I'm sure it will hit the community as SBX did in JK but unfortunately I'm not the person with the needed ability to pull it of though

There are some points I would like to hear a comment for too. What do you guys think about being not totally defenseless while lying on the ground, standing up self controlled, saber being knocked of by chance when thrown, limited force use while saber fighting (only push and pull in midfight and high powered forces only when parting from the opponent)? Plz comment on this too!
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