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Originally posted by GidionTheDead
Well, it doesn't load the music from the server. Sith spit, that would take hours for 56ks.

Just create a folder in the base directory and rename it to "music". You don't need pk3s at all.


The path should be "music\mp\duel.mp3" and not "mp\music\duel.mp3".

If you use .pk3 files, you should take into account that the game does load them in alphabetical order.

Gidion, a.k.a. Dalboz

Yeah sorry I mean music\mp\duel.mp3. Anyway so I can just create a straight folder in "base" and put the song in called "duel" and it should work? Also you said that .pk3 files load in alphabetical order correct? Well my .pk3 folder is called "Duel" and shouldn't that overwrite assets0?
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