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sorry about posting 3 times...the server was lagging or something and it didnt show up....

just to clear a few things up:

i dont think that jk1 had a better saber system i just think that it took a little mroe skill to do.

i know that the fight scenes in the movies are practiced a millin times to get them to look good and fast, im jsut saying that we could have a better variety of swings to choose from at a sped up rate...and i dont think im a jedi gonkh8ter!

and i wasnt comparing jk1 to jk2 i was jsut using it as an example to show that it took some skill to learn that game and saber battles werent over in 2 seconds...although duels usually are a bit longer like all battles should be....

u guys are taking this post way to seriously, i was just stating a few COMENTS, these forums are full of complainers......
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