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Originally posted by Nathan Wind

googly, if you have to learn new things beceause "a game is changed so much," then it is a different game.

a patch that is realy a mod.

The big diff. here is that I didn't complain about it I adapted.

Raven didn't have to make the game at all, I'm glad they did cuz I love it. When I get tired of this game or no longer find it to my liking (due to a ptach or whatever reason), then I'll simply not play it.

I don't understand some of the posters in this forum who seem to feel a god-given right has been stripped from them. We do have choices you know. So NewB chooses to not like the patch ..all's well and good, but he doesn't need to post about it so often...hes' made his point (many times) now let it go.
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