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NewB..I sympathize with you...I really do. The problem is that no matter what Raven does there will always be some sort of "exploit" or "lame" move. The only way to avoid this is to have 1 weapon and 1 move so that everyone is on an even keel.

The real issue at hand is the people that exploit the problems with the game. The same moves that piss you off are available to everyone. I don't use them much at all because I agree with you that there are some probs with some moves. Over the course of several hours I may use some of those moves half a dozen times...which is reasonable I think. I never use DFA simply because I find heavy too slow for my liking. I rarely use heavy at all for that very same reason.

I think if you spent time on a server with good players that were more interested in having a good time and fighting well you might change your mind.

As far as purchasing future releases...if it's a game I want to play I don't care who puts it out...I'll buy it even if the track record of the company is not so stellar.

The bottom line here is that it is up to each of us as players to decide whether or not we enjoy playing a game or not. Sure I vent at other players form time to time if I think they are just ganking it and taking advantage of the games problems...but Im not gonna quit out of hand. I'd rather seek out servers/players that suit my ideal of how this game should be played.
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