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I really headache at kajim base... I can't get any way to unlock door.

i follow this step already

After you've pushed the "draining" buttons and circle around again to the room which had the window looking into the refridgeration area. The button you pressed in this room moved a robotic arm so that it is at the right most side of the circular room (lookin at the room from the outside). Above this "arm" is crawlway (it may have agrille in front of it). Use the walkway and "arm" to climb up to this crawlway and - viola - you're on the walkway you mentioned. It's probably best to turn off "Always Runs" for this section, as I fell quite a lot...

when i go to up, i killed all enemy and i can't open the "red wall" door. how??? what should do at that area? .... And one area like big hall, and there got lock door too, i can open it?

please help me

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