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Hi all,
I've got a:
Voodoo5 5500 using the 1.04.01 drivers (
Athlon 1200/266
Win 98se

Only tried the demo so far, with the standard 3dfx ogl drivers the game run ok but no intro movie, with WickedGL it runs flawless . Great graphics! i love the shadows, but the stormtroopers look like dorks .

The renaming routine is not necessary (as already pointed out by some), just copy opengl32.dll from the Metabyte/Wickedgl directory to the GameData directory.

At the x3dfx forums ( they also suggest Voodoo5 users to add two lines to the config file (jk2config.cfg):

seta r_ext_fxt1 "1"
seta r_ext_texture_compression_fxt1 "1"

As far as I understand this makes the game use a compressed texture format (fxt1) best suited for Voodoo5's, but the game run fine also without these lines for me. If you have graphic trouble you might wanna try it.

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