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nasty comm system

I must add my voice to this rather foolish comm system on a starship. I mean, what would you do in case of an emergency and need to call for a mayday? You'll have to go jump up and down (Force jump, no less) to 3 different levels to set up a frequency.

Even assuming you have enough manpower to station at every single cube in that chasm, you'll have to tell them to set up a particular frequency.

Ok, so perhaps the emergency frequency is "general" or "by default". What if the ship's captain wants to send a coded transmission that is not meant for the crew of the ship to know? He'll have to go gyrating around the cubes to set the frequency before he can initiate a transmission to Central Command, or whomever that is.

So Desann may be that "Central Command", but he sure isn't there all the time.

I mean, what a stupid way to set up a communication frequency? Of all the sci-fi movies and books you guys have come across, have you ever heard of a spaceship requiring extended acrobatics just to talk to someone else?

Or not for sci-fi... Anyone of you heard of an aircraft career that requires this sort of action just to talk to Washington?

Talk about the logic of it all...
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