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me: (spawns a the very top off ns_strees and see allotta action going on at the bottom near the two pits, so i do this move and glide all the way down there to save time and health)

admin: WASP! what did you just do?

me: oh.. it's pretty easy you just do the lightstance lunge while in the air :-)

admin: ( tries to pull the move off for like 2 minutes.. he' cant do it..)

admin: it's a hack you cheater!!

Me: (coulndt hack ****, lol) no its not, i just told you how to do it?

admin: you cant float in the air it must be a hack!

me: listen.. first off all it's not a hack.. seccond: who am i gonna hurt performing this move?

admin: (tries again to do luck)

admin: well.. DONT do it again!

me: it's not like you can use this for anything offensive.. and everyone can do it..

admin: listen bro..
me: log's off


OT: is the master server down? only like 12 servers show up in my browser?

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