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You could look at it that way, Prancer. Or you could se it as people saying "You and me, one on one. Get ready to duel." Annnd, of course, if you jump them and kill them while they're hitting the duel key, you can feel satisfied with knowing that you killed them in a way that required no skill whatsoever. Congrats.

Likewise with typekilling. If somebody is in the middle of a firefight and stops and starts typing: He's an ass, I'll hold him down, you sabre. However, if he's off in the corner or under some stairs, WITH sabre off, typing... just leave him alone for a minute. Again, it takes no skill to kill someone whos hands arent even on the controls. The blue symbol is there for a reason...

How about I steal your keyboard and mouse, and then I kill you and call myself an l33t k1nd4 d00d. l r0x0rs!

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