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Name: Aen Ulan
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 5 11
Place Of Birth: Coruscant
Current Location: Tatooine
Character Type: Pilot/Jedi padawan
Occupation: Freelance/Rebel Pilot (Ex Dark Jedi/ Imperial Navy)
Bio: Aen Ulan was born in the rich and high parts of Coruscant. While his parents went on a vacation to Tatooine, they were captured by the Hutts and were soon murdered. Through all this rage in him, his mind was influenced by the Imperial rule and by the Dark Side that was growing inside him.

At the age of 10, being taught by a Darth Sul, a dark lord and secretly close ally to the Ulan family, he was already learning to control the dark side, and by the age of 15, and was almost a full fledged Dark Jedi. He soon became a Sargeant in the Imperial Navy. When he finally became a Jedi at the age of 16, he traveled to Tatooine to kill Jarva the Hutt, who killed his parents. Right before he took a final blow with his lightsaber to Jarva, he admitted that he was ordered by the Imperials and the late Admiral Moff Tarkin himself to kill Ulan's parents. His parents were doomed since the beginning of his birth, for Darth Sul knew the powers inside him.

He returned to Coruscant to meet with Darth Sul, and kill him. He was successful, but was chased off Coruscant by Sul's new apprentice, Vel'a Galan. He found a place on Tatooine to hide, and now is a freelance pilot. His powers of the Dark Side started to diminish, and he began learning the ways of the Light side, protecting innocent people like the way he should have with his parents. He monitors the Hutt Crimelords and helps the poor of Tatooine. After the Death Star was destroyed, he decided to start helping the Rebellion with stealth starship missions. He owns a modified Corellian yt-2000 transport, and has a side job as a moisture farmer.

He still lives on Tatooine, and will take any job that requires a pilot and or Jedi.
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