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First of all, I'm not overly concerned with showing that I am "skilled" or "l337" or anything like that. I just like to kill people as quickly as possible, what I call speed killing. This is what matters in a FFA game as far as scoring goes.

I've been told that this is a sign of insecurity, but I wholly disagree. I'm not ashamed to lose, but I do like to be a bit competitive when I play. I enjoy the game more that way. You play how you like, I'll play how I like, let's not criticize eachother.

I score higher than a lot of players who are obviously better than me one on one. I owe this to playing smarter than them. Instead of running around dueling with a saber I get a rocket launcer. If I know I can't win a fight with someone, of course I'll run away. I'd be an idiot not to. Of course, I get criticized (and kicked out of servers a lot) for what I think of as "playing smarter." But hell, I'll never be as "skilled" as some other players, but at least I got a head on my shoulders that will let me win a match once in a while.

Also, If something is important enough to type in the middle of a game (I've never actually seen anything I would consider important being communicated in a game server) then expect to die. In my quest for speed kills, I see someone with a bubble over their head as one quick kill on my way to the next. I think its fun the same way many of you think saber fighting is fun, and I don't vote-kick you for saber fighting do I? God Damned Saber-Spammers.

Anyhoo, if there's a button on my keyboard I can push that will make someone die, I will push that button. I'm not going to investigate all the various signs and signals that the players polygonal representation may be giving out that would suggest he's going to have a hissy fit after his death. It's like trying to figure out women.


P.S. I am having trouble figuring out what the hell this means:

How about I steal your keyboard and mouse, and then I kill you and call myself an l33t k1nd4 d00d. l r0x0rs!
I'm not stealing keyboards, mice or anything else for that matter. Nor am I calling myself "an l33t k1nd4 d00d. l r0x0rs!" I'm just having fun with a game I paid a great deal of money for and would appreciate not getting banned from servers!
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