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What exactly is not lame?

1-Grip is gay.
2-Drain is lame.
3-Heal is gay.
4-Protect is lame.
5-Lightning is gay.
6-Kicks are gay.
7-Any type of back stab is lame.
8-Any overhead jumping attack (DFA) is gay.
9-Running in swinging a saber makes you a headless chicken.
10-Running away swinging a saber is lame.
11-Push is gay.
12-Pull is gay.
13-Dark Rage is cheap.
14-Guns are cheap.
15-Drone/sentry kills are cheap.
16-Pushing the switch on the trash compactor is lame.
17-Saber throws are cheap.

Please, any of you who have come here and bitched, pissed and moaned about any of the above, please, please tell me how I should kill you since using any of the above makes me a lame player. I mean seriously, how do you go about "killing with honor"? You can't do any of the above, since that would make you a hypocrite. I must be missing the one special Jedi-code-of-honor move/combo that Lucas/Raven forgot to include in my manual, so please "1337 of the 1337" clue me in.
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