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But HP, wouldnt you like to see your name at the top of the scoreboard and know that you got there by skill? And not by killing people whose hands arent even on the controls? That person might be typing "gf" to someone, or perhaps assisting a newbie in a certain technique. I'm sorry, but being at the top of the scoreboard and having more kils than someone else doesnt mean crap when you got there with a relativley cheap technique. (and the rocket launcher thing: I'm down with that. Guns are there for a reason, use em.)

P.S. I am having trouble figuring out what the hell this means:
What I mean is when you typekill someone, they may as well not have any mouse/keyboard or any controls at all. Their hands are nowhere near them. It's like drag racing someone when the other person is trying to reattach their steering wheel. Sure, its a win, but its just sorta stupid...

Look at it this way, if you will. You and three friends are playing ball at the local basketball court. One of your friends says "Hold on a second" and kneels down to tie his shoe. You grab the ball, drive past your kneeling friend (who doesnt even see you go by) and slam the ball. Its really the same thing in a game.

Running away is fine too. If you cant win a fight, then by all means, take off. "He who fights and runs away..." If your opponent chases, all the better. Drop mines for him.

If people ban you from servers for typekilling... well, its their server. I wouldnt do it if I was admin, but I might ask you nicely to not do it.

Communication between players is one of the things I enjoy most about multiplayer. Its what seperates them from bots (aside from more unique play and spamming ). Being able to yuck it up with someone about our last duel is fun for me, and when someone takes advantage of that for a quick, cheap kill, that annoys me.

But hey, different strokes...

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