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I think what annoys most people is spam. especialy in a saber only setting. with gun servers though so long as it's not exploit (pull backstab for example) spam I could care less...

Ask yourself this, do I saber throw a lot in saber only servers? do I do it when I am almost dead hoping for a lucky hit to even it out? or do I do it more than swing? do I throw everytime someone is swinging just about?

to be honest all moves ad styles can be spammed, but you won't be yelled at if it's just saber style spamming. for example if your good at red stance, use it! I won't bitch and moan about it

However if I am fighting you and the only way you can kill me is with some spamed move and luck, your lame. end of story.

some force powers I feel are a bit imabalenced in V1.03, namely when it comes to dark vs dark battles. It used to be drain could counter lightning effectively. now drain is useless against it. So guess what... it is spammed a lot now when possible...

However here's my suggestion to anyone who bitches moans or whines about it all. do what I did, unless someone asks for your opinions like this thread did, leave the subject alone, and go find a server that limits things you think are lame.

think guns are lame? go join a no guns server. think X force power is lame, join a nf server.

think saber throws are lame? find a server that has it turned off.

However the problem that I agree on with any of the people who whine is this:

the things that are lame are often spammed... Thus imbalanced since you don't spam bad moves do you? I mean your not going to spam rolling on the ground, right? sure it's annoying as hell but it's almost useless in terms of offense LOL and thus doesn't bug me much...

I do agree we shouldn't HAVE to limit ourselves to no force no throw, no guns servers to enjoy this game. however from the beginning of this game I felt that the games powers ETC would lead to a LOT of people whining about X force power and Y saber style from the get go.

A game like this is hard to balance now that it is in motion. It leads to nerfs, when realistically nerfs are RARELY the right answer. I don't mind long saber battles since I like dueling, and FFA servers where people actually will duel or simply duel servers.

However I understand and feel for those who are left out in the cold who want to have fun with CTF, or servers with everything turned on.

thus I feel if a new patch comes out things need to be beefed up, not nerfed. I agree on many points with Artfxlife (or whatever his name is) on his suggestions for 1.04. most are well thought out, and only a few I think would lead to an imbalance.

counters need to be in place for people to use. For example light side has a counter for every force power, but dark sides main counter (drain) is too nerfed now to be of use against other dark siders. You COULd use dark rage, but if you ask me that power is too dangerous in itself to be used as a counter for all force powers on the dark side!

Saber throw, don't nerf it in any way, simply make it so that a block will make you lose your saber when you throw it maybe 50-80% of the time.

If you do that I would be happy to duel with saber throw on especialy against a spammer.

Thus the whole point of this post is this.

I don't feel ANY of the things listed above are lame by themselves. When they are spammed however some of them become lame. Wether it kills me or not, if I see someone spamming something over and over and over... I just bow my head and sigh, and decide only to cross paths with them when I feel I need to try and teach em a lesson or something. I won't even duel a spammer on FFA for example.

Why? because win or lose I feel dirty somehow and bored. I think most of us can agree on that...

We all have to die, the only question is... Do you want it on your feet? or on your knees...
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