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I'm going to have to say that the backstab move is the most lame move, the rest of that original list can be avoided if you go onto a NF server. But that backstab... It was cool before, 'cuz it was harder to do and was more special if you actually pulled it off. But now you either get A) someone who just runs into battle backwards, which is really incredibly dumb, or B) someone who does it constantly, and spins around while doing it. And yes, its easy to avoid, but I find just the fact that someone does the stupid move frustrates me to no end because it makes them look incredibly idiotic, and makes me feel like I'm playing against someone who has no skill and no interest in having any fun and playing the game correctly. Its like playing Monopoly with the guy that always pretends he robs the bank - it was kinda funny the first time he did it, then the second time was kinda lame, but now you just want to jam a fork in each of his eyes and claim you're the Godfather of the Boardwalk/Park Place areas and he's crossed you for the last time.
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