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Its like playing Monopoly with the guy that always pretends he robs the bank - it was kinda funny the first time he did it, then the second time was kinda lame, but now you just want to jam a fork in each of his eyes and claim you're the Godfather of the Boardwalk/Park Place areas and he's crossed you for the last time.
Thats Friggin great!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH! I did that once to my little sister when I was about 7 and she was about 3... poor thing... she only winks now when she tries to blink... (J/K )

Heheh and as for what I feel is lame?

Well I think you misread me a bit... I don't mind repeated "TACTICS" but repeated moves suck. If you backstab, then yellow DFA then saber throw and do nothing else I call that borderline lame, and it gets similar treatement...

Conversly say you use drain whenever your hurt. Well I don't think thats lame. if you do, well too bad. this could LOOK like spam to some, but is no more a problem than healing any other way is.

Do you regularly use grip or pull to keep someone away from power ups ETC? to me thats a valid tactic.

However if you grip or pull every other move just to get a spammed advantage I dunno... thats borderline in my book...

How about if you use grip then go behind a wall or something so someone can't push or pull to counter it if they don't use absorb?

Is that a valid technique? Shouldn't line of sight be in effect for grip like it is for the other force powers?

I mean i can't push or pull or lightning or drain you if your behind a wall how come you can keep gripping me? That = a lame tactic.

If you kill me that way you really have gained nothing, but a get millions of photons coming from the screen with the score board saying you got a kill.


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