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Do you know how easy it is to counter the backstab!?

I played online and I was called a Speed Whore for using speed to get to two people having a fight faster. How is that lame or whorish!?

I was called a push whore for pushing someone off a ledge after a huge jump down from the top of Nar Shadda to the ground floor, after I landed behind him.

I was called a backstand whore for using backstab once in a duel. Jump over him, and did a back stab, not ass fighting, and how is that whorish!?

I just think a lot of the community are a bunch of whiners who aren't happy unless they win, being the l33t hA><0r$ that they are.

Personally, I'll play the way I always play. I use moves depending on my situation, and push is a powerful ally, though easily countered by Absord and Pull Level 3. Screw them. Just enjoy the game.

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