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Seriously dude I think your missing the point here...

don't let my posts fool you, we are not talking about game imbalances like the difficulty or lack there of to counter backstab... we are discussing what is ad what is not lame, in a vain attempt to make some sense out of it.

Personaly I wouldnever call you lame if your playing the way you describe, you sound more like how I play, you use the right thing at the right time, and don't spam it just cuz it worked once or twice for you.

As for backstab being easy to counter, it is so long as it's not a pull backstab. and if that kind of gameplay is what your playing this game for,then more power to you, but I don't think most of the players want that.

As for calling us all whiners or lamers for trying to figure out what is lame or isn't. again, I think your just misreading most of the posts here... didn't see one whine...

to me whining is posting about this crap and just compaining without offering suggestions... if your just rehashing it, and making it clear your losing badly at this game THEN it;s whining...

But the same can be said to people who compain that they are getting flamed for spamming the same move over and over.

It's like saying.

WTF! I just backstabbed for about an hour, and these ******* dare to call me a spammer!? Then this guy came along and kick/banned me! these people suck, whiners like this should just leave! they are ruinging the game for me!!! I want to backstab all I want and you shouldn't try to stop me cuz it's not fair to take away my one move simply because it is imbalanced.

This is also a whine... Take it or leave it, it's the truth.

and further more, although I agree these topics have been chewed to death over and over, I also feel that without vocalizing a compaint and just settling the game will never improve. I think Raven should be able in a possible future patch to divine the real gripes Vs the simple whines...

so I say whine all you want. If the thread looks like a whine thread I usualy avoid it. it's just like the dial on a radio, if you don't like what your hearing, why not take your own advice and go elsewhere and don't whine to me about it?

so to you if we are whining, then let us be. what is to be gained by calling us whiners? you've wasted your time, and my time, and honestly I got lots of time to waste on days like today so really you accomplished nothing.

We all have to die, the only question is... Do you want it on your feet? or on your knees...
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