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Re: D.L.

I'm agreeing with you. I'm just posting those as examples of anything I do is lame. Sad really.

As for calling us all whiners or lamers for trying to figure out what is lame or isn't. again, I think your just misreading most of the posts here... didn't see one whine...

You misinterpretted that. I was calling the general online multiplayer community a load of whiners, not you guys. Everyone I've played I've gotten the same responses as I stated in my last post.

so to you if we are whining, then let us be. what is to be gained by calling us whiners? you've wasted your time, and my time, and honestly I got lots of time to waste on days like today so really you accomplished nothing.

This whole thing is really moot now isn't it!? Once again, you misunderstood me

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