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I totally agree with you. All these moves are great unless they are being spammed. It really is an awesome feeling when you are saberfighting, maybe dueling and you really manage to pull off a nice special move to finish off your opponent. Then the move is used as it was intended to be: a finisher move. It looks very cool then and it also requires some skill. Just being defensive and waiting for a hole in the opponents defense to quickly run up to him and perform a backstab is lame.

Idea for v1.04: all special moves can only be pulled off when your opponent has less then 30 hitpoints, otherwise, the animation just doesn't start. Just an idea for a patch... )

BTW: being lame is more about an attitude than actually about a certain move or force power. Think about it.

This attitude IMHO includes:

1.) being flexible and unpredictable by using different stances, different moves, different force powers --> if you do this, you also automatically

2.) avoid spamming also if one move is very effective (e.g. pull/backstab). Develop some sense for good style, try to imagine Obi Wan in the movies, do they fight butt first? No!!

3.) use the environment creativly by using wall walks, pressing switches of trash presses, and - yes - pushing people off ledges if applicable (well, while at the same time showing people some respect, see next point)

4.) show the opponent some respect (don't attack when typing, let him bow if he likes to, don't push ppl off the pad on bespin if they are just standing there, saber down, watching a duel...)

5.) give your opponent credit if he fights well. Also if he kills you with a move that - only if spammed - may be lame. Don't whine about DFA just because it's DFA, once in a while, like I said, DFA is a real cool move.

This is no complete ruleset, I also do not want to make up some Anti Lamer Code ("hey, now go and add a -=ALC=- tag to your name!"), this is just to make people put some common sense into ther playing style or, well start to develop a decent style in the first place...

Keywords: attitude, style, creative, respect, unpredictable
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