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If you see me around in the game (only in TFFA, and FFA) then you can be sure that 99.99% of my moves is gonna be backstab. Of course I won't be going backwards, but just be prepped for a quick turn, and backstab. I backstab like "there is no tommorow", and I always have the most kills on my team. If that's illegal sue me, but everyone else does it, so I don't see why I shouldn't. Everyone like "pretends" that they are all fair, but when push comes to shove, and they find themselves with 5-20 health, they somehow have the same pattern of starting to go backwards. I never backstab in duel tho, since I respect the other player, and I want it to be a real fight, but seriously, if you try and spam the kick on me, you will be kicked to death by me, and if you do a backstab, you will be backstabbed by me.

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2. You cry for a lightsabre damage nerf.
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