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a whiner is the real llama...

more examples of homosexual statements:

"omg you used bacta! bacta is so cheap, let's face it you're the only player on the server who has access to it... I figure I'm good enough to win without using CHEATS and if I lose it's because you cheated!"

(before fight) "I only have xx hitpoints left, but I'll fight anyway, just remember if I lose it's because I only had xx hitpoints left, but if I win I'm the greatest of all time. and no thank you, I don't need that health pack that is sitting right there." (idiot proceeds to lose in one hit) "You f@cking health whore, it was a lucky hit that killed me, faggot."

(also before fight) "I don't need shields, you obviously need them so you take them." (idiot is killed in one hit) "OH YOU'RE SUCH A FAGGOT, YOU TOOK ALL THE SHIELDS!"

"all you do is run and throw, run and throw... you're such a fag. be a man and stand there and trade combos with someone who isn't a fag."

"all you do is stand and swing, stand and swing... you're such a fag. be a man and don't swing at me once in awhile because I keep killing myself on your swinging saber."

"pull/backsweep is so GAY. man even the newbies can get better scores than me using that EXPLOIT, but it just shows that they have no skill even though my score is 2, there's is 38, and I've lost 9 out of the 10 duels I've been involved in. The guys who beat me were all cheat faggots anyway."

if you whine during something inconsequential like a VIDEOGAME I would wager you whine in real-life, and a whiner is just a really vocal loser.
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