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hey yall! I'm back from vaction... so let the insane posts resume

I may not be the best saberist, but I can hold my own and put a hurtin' on the really good players.
agree... I'm not the best, but I know the combos and am quite deadly if you goof...(when i find a server with a good ping, that is damn modem. )

as to the whiners; "eh" seems to sum it up... i dont whine much, cept when posted rules are broken... like this one server today... it was the new naboo map(OMG that roxors ) and the pregame screen said"do not push or grip over a pit"

so i say" ok whatever"(FF jedi master ) and go on with it. for about 15.min it was huming great, having a blast, then come the moron.

push, pull, grip the works. RPGing a janitor allover the place. the admin was there, but wouldent do anything about it... only thing that he would do was say that next game was turn off force.

when half the people in room started roaring at the guy, saying that they would leave if he did, he responded with a "is that some kinda threat?"

I piped up and said something like "why dont you just enforce the rules?" and got booted....

iknow you will tell me its his server and he can do anything he wants, but that doesnt make it right...

oh well, rant mode off...

ps: I had found a server with DotF loaded with allforces diabled but saber and jump.... that was fun.... also had cheats on for lightstaff, but did not say so at the start. you know, the" CHEATS ARE ON" message. but bad for me, this NF sab only server had *******s cheating for guns.... with no way to counter.... sigh.

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