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Btw this isn't directed at anyone, so when I say 'you' I mean anyone. Don't take this personally.

If your stupid enough to stop and talk to someone in the middle of a battle, you deserve to be killed. Save your talking for when you're dead and you have time to give a few words.

Free For All is just that, free for all. Free killing, no rules. You get killed, then don't make the same mistake twice.

If you challenge someone and they attack you. Don't be a knob and stand there and take it, if your as good as you think you are you should be able to kill someone who attacks you without warning.

As far as duels and bowing goes... I think its stupid. People are waiting to play while the duelers dick around and role play courteous honorable jedis. Your display of honor should come after the fight congradulating the victor and accepting defeat without being a bitch.

Please leave the role playing to when you are in a private game with friends.

My friend and I acted out the final battle in episode 1 (sans obi wan) in the new duel of fates level. I wouldn't try that on a normal server, so I don't think its a good idea to roleplay on any normal server and get upset about it.
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